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4 AM and still awake

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Hey all!

In a few days I will be starting up a new blog (name/address to be decided later).  I've come a long way with this journal but now that I'm entering the real world, I think it's time to put this to rest.  I'll still keep the account alive to post comments on journals if/when I get around to reading them.  However, I also want to work on returning phone calls/ talking to people on AIM rather than relying on my friends page to keep me posted on ya'lls lives.  I may post on occasion when something major happens, but otherwise, expect to hear from me directly =)

Looking back on my entries, it has been a crazy but rewarding college experience. Finally breaking away from the drama of my late teen years, going abroad and being grateful for the bigger picture that is out there, and having a really awesome- though hectic- senior year.   With the exception of academic/extracurricular overload stress, I have never felt more grounded and healthy in my life since coming back from London.  I've avoided drama for 18 months by communicating openly with friends, appreciating the great people around me by supporting them as much as possible, and cutting out those that can only be happy when others are not.  Pastor Monts said it best when he explained that "It takes a lot of energy to care for people who only want to hold you back- since their misery loves company.  What's the point?  Other people can make your life worse, but it's up to you to say "no" to that mentality.  You can always be a better person than you were the day before."  Those words have helped me chill out and enjoy life a lot more.

Earlier in the week, Jess sent me an e-mail saying, "Your friendship has been one of the best and most meaningful classes that I've ever taken at Wesleyan."  Todd (my best friend in high school) contacted me after 3 years to hang out today- we laughed off the mistakes of the past, caught up on the present, and solidified our future as buds.    I'm spending the summer with a dozen friends at Wesleyan and  I am so grateful for the mutual love and respect that comes with them.  I've never been an optimist before and though it takes a lot of conscious effort... I finally believe that I deserve all the good thoughts that have come/will come my way.  

I'm finally happy with who I am, the people in my life, and all the unknown goodness that the future holds.  Let the next chapter begin!

It's been real.

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I'm done!
It was really freaking hot outside!
Obama shook my hand and I stuttered out a "Thank you"!
My hat fell off when they announced my name!
But I'm done!
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-My family
-Alum friends

Wesleyan FTW!

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I'm done being an undergrad!
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Ok.  It's 3am and I'm in Sci Li with Matt, Saul, and Jess for our second stretch of work today. 

I am 24 hours, one 12 page paper, and one final scenic design project away from being done with my undergrad education.

I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can...

[edit: 3:25am]

Apparently when I say "I think I can" I actually mean "I think I can after a four hour long nap because I'm all bleary eyed and half lidded"

Goodnight, Wes. See you at 7:30.

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I just won the Wes award for "contributing to the musical life and entertainment on this campus"

It's called "The Most Note-Able"- ba dum psshhhh

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May 2: Directing I final performance
May 4: World of Dance show- Jazz II performs twice
May 5: Ebony Singers concert (I can haz solo!)
May 6: Waiting in Line final concert
May 9: Onomatopoeia final concert
May 10: Ono all day CD recording


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there is a spider.
in my room.
it just crawled down the wall.
with a body the size of my thumbnail.
and now i can't find it.


saul.carlin: lynn it's a spider. did you know
me: that you swallow 8 of them? I KNOW
saul.carlin: that you swallow 8 spiders in your sleep annually?
saul.carlin: ....wait for it
me: ...

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Instead of working in DC this summer, I will actually be staying on campus. Stemler offered me a position in his Psychometric Laboratory on Human Intelligence and Social Behavior which I snapped up IMMEDIATELY.

-I'll be able to actually work on my own projects instead of being a research sidekick
-As much as I like working with kids, child trends wouldn't give me the right sort of experience for a future career as an adult therapist.
-Housing is 3 times cheaper here than by twinbrook (i can start saving? craaaaazy)
-I don't have to deal with moving everything back to MD. score.
-Saul, Micah, Pernick, Carmen, and Yumin will all be on campus too!

-Not seeing home friends for a looooong time
-This will be the first 9 to 5 job I've ever held in the summertime. I've been spoiled by doing dinner theatre, waitressing, programming for Social Psychology Network on my own schedule of 40 hours a week, and working sporadic hours at Sanctuary for Families.

And now, WESFEST! Micah and I rescued a prefrosh last night that had been ditched by her host and locked out. It was exactly like 4 years ago when my hosts had a softball drinkup and Joe John/Amy Rosen adopted me for the night. The circle of life continues...
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